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Patrick Kramer - 1968 Nova SS

Thanks to all the staff who assisted me with my new clutch yesterday in my 68 Nova SS, James, Erik and especially Nick who as always gets things done RIGHT.

I have owned my Nova 14 years and know every bolt, every specification, basically every little detail. The service before last Nick changed plugs and we did a fast dyno, our 1st dyno at Mopac, I like doing a dyno pull periodically to check A/F. My N/A small block (Aircared) made 473HP/474TQ on your Mustang Dyno and on Dyno Jet’s makes 523HP/500TQ.

Once again thanks to all who helped me out with the new McLeod Extreme street clutch and bellhousing install, painless experience and happy customer.

Now the PAIN starts, 300 to 500 miles of pussy-foot driving to break in the clutch!

Regards, Patrick Kramer

Seth Longwoorth - 1964 Parisienne

I brought my 64 Pontiac Parisienne in for some new parts... Excellent service, had a few laughs with the guys and my car runs great... I'm a fan of Mopac and the guys were awesome... 10/10